Shadowrocket is one of the most user-friendly apps on the ios platform, and its simple configuration is deeply loved by primary users!

Download Shadowrocket

Shadowrocket is a paid software, you need to buy it by yourself through this link, it may not be available in the appstore in some countries and regions.

Set route
Open Shadowrocket and set the global route as proxy, click the "+" in the upper right corner

Copy Link
Open the Get A Free Node website and copy your subscription link

Add subscription
Select Type as subscribe and paste your subscription link in the URL, then click "Done"

Start using
Select a node and click the button next to "not connected" to start the proxy

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  1. tear tear

    speed is fast

  2. Owen Owen

    Can I import the nodes to the Qv2ray on linux platform? why it doenst work.

    this is error notice in Qv2ray after I import the node link into it.

    main: failed to read config files: [/home/owen/.config/qv2ray/generated/config.gen.json] > failed to execute v2ctl to convert config file. > failed to execute v2ctl:
    v2ctl> Read config: /home/owen/.config/qv2ray/generated/config.gen.json failed to parse to outbound detour config. > unknown config id: > exit status 255

  3. goloro satbu goloro satbu

    Failed to update subscription in shadowrocket

  4. agac agac


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